We are two beekeepers, Alex and Jonathan Young.

We have been mentored by some of the top beekeepers in Arizona.

We are committed to bringing you Quality honey and live bee removal.

Bees are a very important to the environment, we save them and relocate them to one of our Apiarys  to build back up and produce Delicious raw Honey that is full of minerals, enzymes and pollen unlike anything in you get in the store.

We now care for over twenty beehives year round and remove bees through out the Phoenix area. We keep both European and Africanized killer bees, And keep the hives in select locations throughout the buckeye area to ensure Our bees have access to the Arizona flora needed to produce quality honey product. Our bees are always and only fed off the natural flora ; We never supplement with man-made syrups or sugar as most beekeepers are doing, especially in the off seasons.

Our honey is raw, unfiltered and NOT pasteurized.